Be Safe and Encouraging This Halloween!

Be Encouraging, something new:
1. Instead of just giving candy, try adding some positive quotes to the mix. Maybe some Good fortune cookies. Something to give the kids to read and smile. Simple notes with their candy like “You are a great person” “You will succeed, I believe in you” Kids need more encouraging words to help them along the way!!

Be Safe:
1. Trick or treat with your children, or ensure they go with a large group, never alone.
2. Use cross walks and abide by traffic signals, signs when crossing streets. (Look both ways)
3. Pay attention to your surroundings. Just because you’re following the law, doesn’t mean others are. Pay attention to get out of the way if needed.
4. Walk with your children, do not let them run ahead of you.
5. Costumes may be dark, add a glow necklace or bracelet, to let your child be visible to others. Even adding reflective tape or stickers to their trick or treat bags. You want them to be seen.
6. If you’re driving, slow down. Always be prepared for that kid who runs out into the street.
7. Try and Trick or Treat, When the sun is going down. 5pm-9pm. Try and be off streets late at night.
8. Go through your kids candy, and ensure nothing is open/tampered with. Even if it looks good, you can cut up candy bars just to be extra sure before eating.


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